Laravel Engineer - South Africa, FT Remote.

Spartner’s is expanding to South Africa! We are visiting Cape Town until the end of March to build our new remote team of dynamic and visionary Software Engineers. This role is not just about development; it's about driving our mission to build great innovations whilst collaborating with our ambitious technicians in The Netherlands.

Jouw functie:

Here’s the key responsibilities that will shape this role:

  • Product Development

    • Work with our experienced Dutch team, from conception to deployment.

    • Ensure products meet quality standards and customer expectations.

    • Foster innovation and efficiency in product development.

  • Technical Expertise

    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards and trends, like TailwindCSS, Vue.JS, HTML5 & CSS3, Three.js, Docker, Kubernetes, PHPUnit, MySQL and many other languages and frameworks

    • Application of SOLID principles and the right design patterns.

    • Adopt the best practices in software development, including AI tools.

  • Collaboration

    • Work closely with clients and align engineering outputs with business needs.

    • Join our Dutch (CET) office hours for standups and other ceremonies.

  • Build complex web applications

    • Use the best-in-class industry tools, including AI tools.

    • Get training on the high standards that Spartner upholds.

Jij bent:

A succesful candidate if you have:

  • 3+ years software development experience building custom web applications or enterprise SaaS solutions.

  • Enthusiastic to work with a team of Dutch engineers.

  • Strong understanding of Laravel, PHP (Laravel), MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Curious mindset and eager to push the boundaries of web applications.

Waarom Spartner?

Spartner operates as a strategic partner in the development of web-based applications for startups, scale-ups, and SMEs. We think beyond just the software. We engage with clients on both a technical and business level.

We offer an opportunity to work from beautiful South-Africa and work at the skill level which our Dutch office is famous for. As with our famous Laravel-excel package, your contribution will make an impact. We seek to utilize new innovative technologies like AI, as well as making you an expert within the Laravel ecosystem.

We believe in self-leading professionals, and this philosophy serves as the foundation for our work method. Our Agile development teams are self-leading on their projects, maintain close contact with the client, and are supported by our Technical Director - Frank Peters.


In return for your expertise and enthusiasm, we offer you:

  • An excellent remote-working setup.

  • Flexible working hours

  • Salary: R30.000 to R60.000 per month.

  • A supportive and inducive working enviroment

  • Tight working relations with our team in The Netherlands

  • The opportunity to develop and get coaching through our Personal Development Plan (PDP)

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